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S H I P P I N G  &  T R A D I N G  I N C

Ship Owning / Ship Operators
Ship Management – Technical / Commercial / Operations 
Dry Bulk & Tankers Chartering 
Commodities Trading 
Mining Investments 
Port & Marinas Infrastructure 
Commercial Large Scale Agricultural Production 

Group Overview – Solid Track Record!

The Shipping Group was incepted back in 1969, headquartered at Piraeus, Greece

The Company was managing and operating up to Eight dry bulk carriers and general cargo vessels trading major and minor bulk commodities

The successor ship management company, Diamonds Shipping & Trading Inc. has inherited 40 years of ongoing shipping presence building up a successful track record 

Through its operating history the Company has transported with safety and reliability over 10.0 Million tones of dry bulk commodities consisted primarily by nickel ore, electric furnace slag, aggregates, grains, coals, cement and minor agricultural commodities 

The Company is leading by Mr. Konstantinos Kotsatos, second generation Ship owner and Ship operator with a vast expertise in every aspect of the marine transportation industry bringing in over 25 years of experience

Diamonds is building a first class organization successfully competing within the global marine transportation industry, capitalizing a collective experience of the Principals and the Top Management of over 150 years in the commercial, technical, day to day operations, banking and trading industries

Diamond’s Principals and Top Management have a vast global network that enables to originate, structure, activate and manage profitable global off market deals

Headquartered at P. Faliro at it’s Owned Building Diamond’s has combining owned ,managed and operated an aggregate fleet size of almost 300,000 DWT providing first class services to global traders, operators and Owners

Vessels under our management that performed transport of governmental and other IMO – DG project cargos


i. Voyage : Oktyabrskiy/ 1-2 ports Karachi-India range 

Date range : 2/2011 

Cargo : IMO DG and Military tacks 

Charterers : MSLC (Military Sea Lift Command) 


i. Voyage : Spain and Italy / Karachi 

Date range : 4/2011 

Cargo : IMO DG 

Charterers : Stellar 

ii. Voyage : Spain and Italy / Karachi 

Date range : 4/2011 

Cargo : IMO DG and Mil project cargo 

Charterers : Stellar 

iii. Voyage : B.Sea port(s)/ S.Turkey and Syria and Lebanon 

Date range : 5/2011 till 1/2011 (10 consequtive voys) 

Cargo : IMO DG 

Charterers : Stellar 


i. Voyage : Greece/ Bar (Yugoslavia) 

ii. Voyage : Italy/Odessa and Novorosisk 

Date range : 2010-2011 (consecutive voys) 

Cargo : IMO DG Containers 

Charterers : MSLC (Military Sea Lift Command)


Date range : 2009 - 2010 (consecutive voys) 

Cargo : IMO DG Containers 

Charterers : Stellar

iii. Voyage : B.Sea port(s)/S.Turkey and Syria and Lebanon 

Date range : 5/2011 till 1/2011 (10 consecutive voys) 

Cargo : IMO DG 

Charterers : Stellar


Crew management covers a wide range of manning activities. From scouting, selection and recruitment, training to deployment and ongoing management of the officers and other ratings engaged on merchant vessels. A crewing company also examines every seafarer for the professional competence, good level of English, documents and certificates legitimacy.

We, people who have been working and have a 40 year experience in the shipping industry, welcome you aboard on the new established Oceancrew maiden voyage. Our company services are offered for the full range of merchant cargo vessels i.e. Bulk Carriers as well as Tankers, Container Ships, Refrigerator Ships, Tugs and Offshore Fleet. Oceancrew Holiday services Cruise Ships, Ferries and Super Yachts.

For those vessels job categories, we deal with, are:                                                   

  • Vessel Full Crew
  • Deck Officers and Ratings
  • Engine Officers and Ratings
  • Electricians
  • Catering Staff
  • Cadets    
  • Offshore
  • Tanker fleet (Oil and Gas) dedicated crew
  • Yachts posts
  • Maritime Security
  • In - Companies’ careers                                                                                     

These services are handled by our onsite workforce, situated in the relevant countries from which seafarers are recruited. They are to be found in Greece, Romania, Russia and Ukraine, Philippines, India, Pakistan as the primary sources. The seamen are of good professional competence, good level of English, properly checked documents, certificates and STCW special trainings, with a superb sea service.

Information relating to the engagement of seafarers according to international regulations and the specific needs of ship owning clients is managed by our custom-made crew IT system. This system stores and makes information available to users throughout our network, for planning purposes.

Apart from providing crew to vessels under our own Management, we, always dedicated and focus on client needs, also supply full or partial crews to Ship Owners and Managers who prefer manage their own vessels. There is always a member of Oceancrew workforce who stays at the offices on the phone, 24/7 by the client emergency needs, resolving unexpected, even distressed, issues.

We only recruit experienced, medically fit, qualified and certified seamen, in accordance with STCW code and list them in our databases, with their number now to exceed 20.000. Hence, we are dedicated to organize and efficiently looking for specific client requirements and provide those fully qualified crews. Alternatively we can supply crew to clients on an ad hoc basis to supplement their own crew supply at shorter possible notice. It is our experience that this kind of systemization is highly appreciated also by the seamen themselves and generates considerable interest from qualified marine crew of all ranks and nationalities to seek employment and career development with our company.

We in Oceancrew, propose only proper candidates, as we have the relevant experience to do so. Additionally we provide a single point of contact, which will coordinate directly with each client and provide the requested crew. This enables us, in client’s request, to gradually build up a dedicated team for each client, to ensure on-board continuity and familiarity with the clients’ Maritime System.

In Oceancrew, we aim to deliver an efficient and professional service to our global clients and we are committed to high standards of excellence by regularly reviewing our practices to ensure unrivaled services that continue to improve. We are determined to form strong relationships with our Customers.

Consequently, please feel free to contact us in person at: operations@diamonds.gr

24 Ymittou str
Paleo Faliro, Athens
Greece, 175 64

Email: info@diamonds.gr
Phone: +30 210 9620320
Fax:       +30 210 9626366