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Dear Fellow Shareowners,

In this Web Site, we welcome you to review our approach of successful investments within the marine transportation industry. Our aim is to join our efforts to accelerate our investment plan in order to enhance our expansion now, at these adverse market conditions, whereas only a true experienced Owner and Operator with strong global network and the balanced capital structure can sustain and be prepared and positioned to count remarkable profitability at the next upcoming cycle 

Carrying a long established tradition of over 40 years ongoing operations and with a collective expertise of over 120 years in ship owning, technical, commercial, day to day, investment banking & operations activities we are daily leveraging the past thriving to achieve continues improvement of our services to our Traders, Charterers, Operators and Fellow Owners achieving Reliability & Safety 

Our Group’s Aim is to capitalize our Expertise and Global Network within the Marine Transportation and Investment Banking Industries and steadily expand our Activities towards controlling raw material and assets that can provide us access to the whole production and supply chains in both soft commodities and minor and major bulk commodities. Controlling the production/supply chains we’ll be in a position to limit volatility and to maximize our ability to generate profit margin out of every section of the business mastering risk management of our operations

Diamond’s Group is targeting to be established among the Global Top Providers of a diverse range of essential raw materials for the agricultural, industrial and energy industries 

For Diamonds Shipping & Trading Inc
Konstantinos Kotsatos
Chief Executive Officer

24 Ymittou str
Paleo Faliro, Athens
Greece, 175 64

Phone: +30 210 9620320
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